10 Allowances

As kids, many of us received allowances from our parents and as parents, we’ve also given allowances to (and often make allowances for) our children. As adults, however, we’re not always so generous to ourselves. Instead of cutting ourselves some slack, we find ourselves
caught up in the “oughts” and “musts” and “shoulds” of our lives and our work. Let’s buck the trend and be kinder to ourselves by reminding ourselves of some suggestions for adult allowances made by a wise woman named Margaret Buckley:*

1.   You are allowed to follow your dreams.

2.   You are allowed to laugh and have fun.

3.   You are allowed to like what you like and to dislike what you
dislike, no matter how many people disagree with you.

4.   You are allowed to have some time for yourself, even
if you have to work very hard to find it.

5.   You are allowed to be creative.

6.   You are allowed to have a bad day.

7.   You are allowed, maybe even encouraged, to make

8.   You are allowed to change your mind.

9.   You are allowed not to know all the answers.

10.  You are allowed to ignore this list.

OK! We’re allowed to be creative, to make mistakes, to not know all the answers, and even to have a bad day. What a relief! We’re human and if we find our writing journey today brings us to some potholes and we stumble, well, so be it. Let’s pick ourselves up gently and write on!

* This uplifting list comes to us via the wonderful Dr. Robert Gilbert. Check out his Success Hotline (973.743.4690)