Long Shots

“Never, never, never give up.”
Winston Churchill

What an amazing story! After eight races and six defeats, a two-year old colt named Palace Malice (what a moniker!) recently won the Belmont Stakes. And he did it on the heels of a super disappointing run at the Kentucky Derby, where he started strong but then lost gas and finished a dispiriting 12th.

At Belmont, the feisty fellow scored a stunning upset. With odds of 13-1 (in a field of 14!), he won by more than three lengths over the Preakness winner Oxbow and almost two lengths over Kentucky Derby winner Orb. “We always felt like he had a big one in him,” said his trainer, Todd Fletcher.

As I pondered this sweet and unpredictable victory, I couldn’t help but think about the writing life and all the wins and defeats it sends our way. So often, for example, we pour ourselves into our work and start strong, but fade as we get to the end, like Palace Malice in the Kentucky Derby.

But here’s the thing: It doesn’t really matter! We can race to defeat again and again, but then beat all the odds and come out on top. And we can have a disappointing run right before we end up in the Winner’s Circle: Everything can change. The only thing we really need to do is keep racing and run our fastest race each time we come out of the starting gate. So when disappointment comes our way, let’s remember Palace Malice and his sizzling ride — and write on!

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