Holiday Blues

Actually, post-holiday blues is more accurate. Here’s a news flash: According to various sources who study things like this, the first full day of work after the long, action-packed holiday season is one of the most stressful days of the year. Who knew? I have to admit that when a friend sent me an email saying that he’s been having a hard time getting his motor going again, I could totally sympathize because my motor seems to have stalled, too. What to do, what to do?

Lo and behold! In my email inbox, I found a sprightly set of suggestions for jump-starting ourselves from Debbie Phillips, the inspiring founder of Women on Fire (, a wonderful community of dynamic, can-do women. A few of Debbie’s helpful strategies:

Go easy on yourself: Let this week unfold at its own pace. Try not to schedule anything major until you feel fully energized and back in the swing of things. If you’ve taken a “social media” break as Debbie did, try going through your latest batch of emails and organizing them, giving priority only to those that demand it.

Keep a gratitude journal: This is on my own personal list for 2014. I bought a cute little notebook at my local stationery store and each night I jot down five things I’m grateful for. It only takes a few minutes, but it’s so rewarding! As Debbie says so well, “Even if you decide not to keep a daily journal, just for today, consider writing the 5-10 things you are most grateful for in this moment. Even though you may not be feeling it now, somehow expressing gratitude magically transforms the moment and shifts your energy.”

Get moving: There’s nothing like a bit of exercise to rev up your engine and make you feel energetic and enthusiastic! While the weather outside my house is pretty messy, I’m still planning to go to a Yoga class this week. David gave me some sessions as a holiday present and I figure this will help me get more get-up-and-go! Even if you’re stuck inside, why not try putting on a CD and dancing to it? This is actually a great stress-reliever when you’re taking a writing break.

Focus on one small goal or intention you have for the coming year: It might be to get to bed at a regular time or to exercise more or to stick to a regular writing schedule. Whatever that goal or intention is, now is a great time to reflect on it and to come up with some simple ways to make it happen over the next twelve months. Make the goal simple and achievable — and above all, relevant — something that will make a real difference in your writing and personal life as you begin to implement it.

As your week unfolds, I hope one or more of these ideas helps make it a great one. If you have any jump-start suggestions, I’d love to hear them! Bravo, Debbie Phillips! Write on!

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