Will Be’s

I’m not a has-been, I’m a will-be.” Lauren Bacall

As an actress who shared the screen with Humphrey Bogart more than once, Lauren certainly enjoyed success as the world proclaims it. But as time went on, she must have also known her share of rejections and the sting of being passed over. But she didn’t let that define her.

And neither should we!

Let’s define ourselves as “will-be’s” — as works in progress.

A “will-be” radiates hope and optimism. And when we think positively, we set ourselves in motion. We lean toward the future and we expect it to be bright. We don’t let setbacks or stumbling-blocks knock us down.

A “will-be” knows that everything changes. And that we can change, too. When we embrace this mindset, we’re not shackled by the past. We’re free spirits, free to change and grow. Free to move forward.

A “will be” is curious and always learning. When we think this way, we’re eager to see what the world brings us and eager to share what we have to offer the world. We are ready to see what’s next and enjoy it!

A “will be” isn’t bound by other people’s expectations. When we live in a world that’s brimming with possibilities, we don’t have time for the small mindedness or fears of other people. They simply melt away.

So often, we let the past dictate what we think we can do or who we can become. But sometimes the past is like an old suit that’s given good service, but doesn’t really fit any more. So let’s pull something bright and gay out of our closet. Something that tells us we still have dancing shoes hidden in there somewhere, too. Let’s find them and all write on!

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