Creating Change

Wherever we are in our writing lives, there’s something we can improve, something we could change for the better. But no matter how much we know and desire that change, it’s never easy. Recently, I came across some very helpful advice from a coach, Roberta Raye (, on how to motivate yourself to make a desired change without shifting into overwhelm. Here’s the approach she shares with her clients:

1. Go for the experience/feeling you want: Envision what it will feel like once you’ve accomplished the desired change. Don’t be attached to a specific result — the how of what you want to have happen. Instead, take time to really absorb the feeling emotionally.

2. Don’t argue with reality: Accept the reality of where you are now. Don’t resist it, but see it as the base from which you can move forward to embrace the change that you want to make happen in your life.

3. Remember, what you focus on expands: Determine one small step that you can make toward achieving the change you want and then take it. Let yourself take pleasure in completing the step and then expand from there, taking the next step and staying focused on it through completion.

4. Stay connected: While you’re moving toward the change you want, step by step, don’t isolate yourself: Stay connected to friends and family. Take pleasure in the things you always take pleasure in.

5. Reward each small step: Pat yourself on the back for a job well started and accomplished, as each step is completed. Buy yourself flowers or a CD or a massage — something special that signals a sense of appreciation to you for the positive shifts you’re making in your life.

Right now, I can think of several changes I want to make in my writing regimen and I can see that putting this approach to work can be will helpful. How about you? Are there some fruitful changes that you’d like to bring into your work life? Write on!

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