Fashion Forget-me-nots

It’s always fun to take a peek into another creative discipline and see what makes its “masters of the game” tick — and what ideas they float that can be fruitfully applied to writing. “Fashion Night Out” is a big blowout planned for September 10 all across NYC, with loads of designers strutting their stuff. Here are some gems of wisdom from a few fashion glitterati — fearless innovators who thrive on change and are constantly reinventing their creative wares:

Tommy Hilfiger: When asked, “When did you feel like you had ‘made it?’” “I’ve tried very hard not to do that. Once you think you’ve made it, you become complacent. I never want to go down that road. I always want to influence and motivate my team. We haven’t made it yet; there’s a lot of work to do.”

Roberto Cavelli: When asked, “What have you learned over the years?” “One: Always go with my gut instinct. I will get ideas that at first seem extravagant, but I find that when I follow through with my vision, I can’t go wrong. Two: Vibrant prints can do amazing things for a woman’s confidence. Three: Not to be afraid of change and taking risks.”

Simon Doonan: When asked, “What is the absolute worst fashion mistake one can commit?” “The worst thing you can do is hide your fashion light under a bushel. Be who you are. Self-expression is the key to great style. Boring restraint is the death of it.”

Betsy Johnson: “Before, I was early in the stage of girly bias dresses. Now it’s all happening — and so quickly, so neatly, so online. So knockoff. So I realized that we have to stand for something very unique that you cannot get at H&M….I’m just a small-town Connecticut girl spinning around in her own world.”

Never be complacent, go with your gut, don’t be afraid of change and taking risks, be who you are, avoid boring restraint, stand for something unique, enjoy spinning around in your own world — pretty snazzy advice for pursuing the writing life!

And remember, confidence-boosting vibrant prints are always in style.

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