Staying Strong

Tough-break department: After my upbeat post on Yankees Magic, the old pinstripe pizzazz fizzled and the Yankees lost Game 6 of the playoffs. But you know what? I still think they personify grace under pressure. They’ve just lost a huge playoff game and handled it with resilience and poise. As writers, we’re no strangers to setbacks and obstacles. To my mind, the Yanks have a lot to teach us about how to get past a big blow and keep moving toward our goals. Here’s why:

They acknowledged their disappointment: “This isn’t something you get over tomorrow,” one player said. It was a tough loss and no one denied that.

They gave the winners their due: After Game 6, a Yankee pitcher said of the winning Rangers, “We knew they’re a good team. But what was more important was that they knew they’re a good team.” The Yankee’s owner said: “They played like champions and we wish them the best of luck representing the American League in the World Series.”

They were honest: “They out-hit us, they out-pitched us, outplayed us,” said manager Joe Girardi. He didn’t mince words, but told it like it was.

They took responsibility: “The bottom line is: I didn’t do enough, the team didn’t do enough and we’re accountable,” said one of the team’s leaders.

They’re moving forward: “I expect to come back next year and have a very strong performance and, more importantly, hopefully lead the team to another world title…we came up short. I’m a big part of that and we’re going to get better,” said a star player.

They’re using the setback as fuel for a comeback: “Knowing what a good team we had, to come up short like this is disappointing. But it’s just motivation for next year,” summed up one of the team’s pitchers. Now that’s a winning attitude!

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  1. mayo211 says:

    well, this is a well thought out, positive argument for the Yankees. As a college student, I can appreciate the way you argued your side. Very effective and precise.

    • Thanks so much for reading my blog and responding! So glad you liked my take on the Yankees. It’s always fascinating to me how much we can learn from peak performers in sports. Even when they’re not at their best, the way they approach obstacles can apply to the writing life. Hope you keep reading!

      Write on, Karin

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