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Rain or shine, my four-legged boy Ryder loves to walk and he’s always ready to go. Ambling through the park a while ago, I met my friend Andrea who was out walking her dog Ozzie. One thing led to another and we started talking about books. Nothing like chatting with a true book lover to get your juices going!

I said I’d just finished the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo series. Pay dirt!

“Wow, Stieg Larsson!” Andrea said, practically levitating. “I inhaled that book! Don’t you love that girl – I call her Salander. And what about that guy, Bloomkvist? He has that long-time relationship with that woman who’s married — you know, I thought that triangle was totally believable. I wasn’t going to read the third book right away, but I was on a plane and it popped right up on my Kindle. I started reading the first three pages and I couldn’t stop!”

Learned my lesson this time (see the post Beyond Rubies) — and when Andrea and I met up again for a leisurely Sunday stroll,  I asked her the $64,000 question: What was it you loved so much about the series? Here’s what she said:

“I love the characters! Lisbeth Salander — isn’t she something? Bloomkvist, the security guy, her WASP hacker friends. I like the way everyone accepts Lisbeth and sees the qualities that make her so special. Book one was good, book two was great, but book three — now that was terrific! I introduced my book club to the series and everyone’s enjoying it.

I love reading about a different culture: how everyone drinks coffee all the time in the books, how relaxed they are about relationships. You can feel the cold and the damp in the setting. Just think what books four, five, and six might have been like! We could have learned more about her sister, her mother, her hacker friends. Mmmm…” mused Andrea, as if she’d just eaten a great meal. What a treat to talk to a reader who “inhales” books — and what an inspired image!

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    I may have to check out that series now.

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