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As we all know, writing consumes loads of creative energy. The more focused and agile our minds are, the more precise and powerful our work will be. I just came across a magazine article that offers some simple tips, backed by current research, for keeping our brain cells humming and our productivity high:

1)  Go running: Or walking or dancing or riding. Exercise increases blood flow to the area of the brain that improves mental processing and generates new cell growth. An hour of activity a day four days a week can really aid alertness.

2) Go for fun: Learning any new skill, from tango dancing to rock climbing, helps create new neural pathways in the brain, which can boost and maintain your mental sharpness over time. The key is choosing something you really enjoy, because the more fun you have, the more likely you are to stay with it.

3) Go Mediterranean: A diet high in fruit, vegetables, and healthy fats like olive oil, and low in salt and red meat, can make a difference in your mental agility.

4)  Go solo: Forget multitasking! Tasks like writing require intense focus andhigh performance. Shut out distractions: you’ll boost your concentration and results.

5)  Go roving: Think Hemingway! Immersing yourself in a different culture — through travel or learning another language — can enhance creative thinking. Research shows that people who explore other locales excel at creative tasks such as writing and problem solving. The ability to look at things from different perspectives increases creativity and may change the way the brain is wired.

6)  Go to sleep: Rest recharges our mental batteries and ensures that our cells get the fuel they need to handle intense mental activity and keep us focused. Aim for seven or eight hours a night.

Fun, travel, great food, focus, recreation, and rest — sounds like a recipe for a wonderful life. Let’s savor it all!

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