Ripple Effect

Just for fun, I decided to check in on the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) awards program — it’s the British equivalent of the Oscars, complete with black umbrellas because there was a spot of typically English mist. It was held in the Royal Opera House in London — very grand! There was a pre-ceremony red carpet show — luckily Joan Rivers was nowhere to be found! Lots of star power, which is always entertaining to see on display.

Not surprisingly, The King’s Speech was a huge favorite and swept the awards; no other movie came close. But there was one very jubilant and unexpected event: The Harry Potter film series was honored with a special award. Certainly richly deserved, because the series has been a boffo boon to the British film industry. What fascinated me was the incredible ripple effect of J.K. Rowling’s work. Just consider all the benefits flowing from the Harry Potter film series:

It was described as an “industry within the British film industry” —
which gives you an idea of just how large and complex the series is.

It’s given steady, creatively exciting work to scores and scores of actors and
actresses for more than a decade.

It’s given long-term employment to hundreds, probably thousands, of
behind-the-scenes film technicians, crew, and craftspeople.

It’s brought millions and millions of pounds into the British economy.

It’s spawned endless products, all of which had to be designed, manufactured,
marketed, and distributed by an army of people in a vast array of industries.

To think that all this and so much more began with just two words racing around J.K. Rowling’s head:
Harry Potter. Amazing, isn’t it?

What words are rattling around in your head right now?

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