Focal Point

Anyone who’s spent any time wooing their muse knows that writing demands lots of concentration. If your mind is wandering or you’re easily distracted, then chances are you’re not going to wind up the day feeling satisfied. Focusing our attention and effort can be challenging — and yet it’s so important!

I came across some health-related tips for improving concentration that I’m going to try out myself — and thought I’d pass them along:

Soak up some sun: Spending 15-to-30 minutes outdoors daily isn’t just relaxing, it’s also great for your little gray cells. Research shows that sun exposure improves brain function and sharpens your focus. So make it a point to get up from your computer at some point in your day and take a walk outside.

Get physical: We all know there’s lots of research out about the mind-body connection — and that exercise boosts the brain’s production of endorphins. But here’s something new to think about: ramping up your endorphins can also help you ignore distractions and focus more effectively.

Up your Omega-3: These healthy fats help your body build brain cells and improve their ability to communicate with each other. So lifting your levels of Omega-3 can help improve your ability to focus and think clearly. Try eating 18 ounces of tuna or other fatty fish (mackerel, salmon, sardines) weekly. One-to-two tablespoons of fish oil daily also works (check with your doctor on this).

Quick stress relief: If you feel stressed and it’s affecting your focus, try taking six slow, deep breaths. It only takes about 30 seconds and it will help relax you.

Quick pick-me-up: Just 30 seconds of brisk exercise can help clear your head and increase concentration for 60 minutes straight. So break out the jumping jacks!

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