Savvy Supper

Always fascinating to get a bunch of writers together, especially when there’s lots of good food and the wine flows freely. I just attended the first MEWS (Montclair Editors & Writers) Potluck Supper and totally enjoyed myself. Not only did I eat well and catch up with friends, I also got a glimpse into the amazing worlds that writers plunge themselves into with gusto.

A few examples: I learned that Julia Roberts, the author of Motherhood to Otherhood and our potluck party host, teaches Artist’s Way seminars. I’m a huge fan of Julia Cameron, so this was exciting. I also learned that Adam Philips, who happens to be Julia R’s husband, is an avid Alfred Hitchcock fan. His blog, “Hitchcock and Me” has generated quite a bit of buzz and Adam may have a book ala Julie & Julia in the offing. Not a bad gig!

The centerpiece of the evening was an inspiring self-publishing success story: Phil Simon, author of The New Small — a book about how small businesses are harnessing new technology — described the incredibly innovative way in which he tackled the challenge of producing and promoting his guide. To help underwrite the venture, he turned to an online site called — a funding resource for creatives in a range of fields and put up a project page on the site. Ultimately, Phil raised about a third of his publishing costs via this vehicle.

Phil also worked closely with an on-demand publisher and designers to create a book cover and format that look mainstream. He talked a lot about social media and how authors can use it to generate buzz and build relationships in order to attract exposure and readers. It’s a brave new world out there and Phil is a pro at navigating it. For helpful tips on technology, social media and self-publishing, check out and And write on!

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  2. Phil Simon says:

    Thanks for the props, Karin. I enjoyed meeting you!

    • Hi Phil,

      Thanks for such an inspiring and informative talk.
      You’re creating an innovative new approach for
      authors to get the word out about their books —
      it’s very empowering and exciting.

      Write on!

    • Hi Phil,

      Thanks for your note. It was great to hear about your excellent
      publishing adventure and inspiring to learn about your book,
      The New Small and its approach to small business.

      Write on!

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