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Digital dances on! The e-book phenom continues to rock the publishing world. The latest news on this front is from Barnes & Noble (B&N). Its self-publishing software for e-books ( is proving to be a bit hit with indie publishers and authors. Since it was launched early this year, this user-friendly e-book publishing vehicle has added more than 65,000 — that’s right, 65,000! — new works to Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Bookstore.

To date, 35 PubIt! titles are ranked among the TOP 200 Nook Books based on sales and readers have purchased PubIt! works in more than 50 categories. To give exposure to PubIt! authors, Barnes & Noble has created a PubIt! bestseller list and is providing marketing opportunities through its NOOK Bookstore. B&N is also featuring best-selling e-books in its stores and running workshops for aspiring authors who want to know more about how to use PubIt! to get their work out. Events in B&N bookstores to publicize PubIt! authors are also giving independently published writers the chance to share their experience and connect with readers.

One boon for indie authors: PubIt! terms are straightforward and there are no hidden fees for using it. Through the self-service digital PubIt! portal, aspiring authors can set up their own uder accounts, upload their content, set the list price they want, and track their sales and payments from a competitive royaly determined based on the purchasing price. PubIt! uses a standard format that can be accessed by readers using e-readers, computers, and mobile devices.

There’s even an inspiring PubIt! success story! H.P. Mallory has just signed a three-book deal with a major publishing house. She hit the traditional book jackpot based on the sales of her paranormal romance e-books — all of which were created using PubIt! and made available on NOOK.

All of this is good news for us as authors and aspiring authors. The more robust channels we have to get our work out, the better. Write on!

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  1. Great info. I am in the last phase of editing my book. Was wondering how I was going to get it published. This article is priceless.

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks so much for your note. I was really excited when I read about PubIt! — so glad my post was helpful to you. The best of luck with your book — please keep me posted on your progress.

      Write on! Karin

  2. Indeed there are big initiatives being set forth by Barnes Noble in all seriousness now to push their Self-Publishing Author program PubIt! Barnes Noble is holding their first in-store event for Pub-It tonight….Tonight at Barnes Nobles Santa Monica CA store theyll be holding a special even featuring super successful PubIt!

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