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I am writing this post in a cozy nook on the second floor of The Inn on the Green, just about my favorite spot to stay in the quaint town of Middlebury, Vermont. We’re up here to bring Alex and all his gear (read biking gear!) back home for the summer. David and I rented a van and had quite an epic journey up — there’s been lots of flooding in Vermont this Spring and we had to make several detours. Not to worry, though, because our long-way round took us through some very scenic spots. We had a lovely, cloud-filled day with just a hint of sun.

One of the things I love to do on trips like this is look for clever place names — guess it’s the wordsmith in me! Anyway, this trip provided me with a very delectable batch — and inspired me to make up a few stories about each. A fun way to pass the time on a road trip. Well, here goes:

Pudding Island — This is a tiny island floating in Lake George made entirely of pudding. Residents get to choose their favorite pudding flavor when they come to the island and then ride through it to get to their homes in little boats made out of peanut brittle and powered by solar sails.

Nuthatch Lane — This is a lane that winds through a forest, which is fortunate, because everyone who lives on the lane lives in a tree trunk and is a squirrel. Every resident has a little hatch tucked into the tree where nuts are stored for the winter — hence the name.

Sugarhill Road — All the homes on this road are gingerbread houses decorated with candy canes, red licorice, and sourballs of various colors. Little people called sugar-stuffers live on the road and they are constantly eating each other’s houses. Every year, they spend May rebuilding for the winter.

Fairytale Farm — This farm is invisible to the naked eye. But if you could see it, you would know that it floats on a cloud. The fairies who live on the farm are so beautiful that even the trees bow down when they pass.

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