Amazing Story

“Extraordinarily moving… gripping…a powerfully drawn
survival epic…a master class in narrative storytelling.”
The Wall Street Journal

“Thrilling…stirring and triumphant…a nearly continuous
flow of suspense.”
Los Angeles Times

A meticulous, soaring, and beautifully written account of
an extraordinary life.”
The Washington Post

Wow! Who wouldn’t love receiving rave reviews after laboring long and hard to bring a fantastic story to life? And who deserves them more than Laura Hillenbrand, the author of Seabiscuit. Her new book, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption, tells an incredible story incredibly well. It traces the survival of Louis Zamperini, a feisty young Olympic runner chasing the four-minute mile whose dreams of glory were shattered by battle and captivity.

From the very first page, Laura brings Louie vividly alive, setting the stage for the harrowing tale ahead. Whether she’s describing a young rebel’s brush with the law, his adventures at the 1936 Olympics, or his experience aboard a bomber, Laura manages to artfully weave facts and figures together in a way that makes them both fascinating and memorable. She worked the same magic in Seabiscuit. Lucky Louie to have her as his devoted and daring storyteller!

It took Laura seven years to pen Unbroken. During that time, she interviewed Louie some 75 times and talked with scores of other people. She also relentlessly mined tons of research material. The Acknowledgments section of her book goes on for pages and pages: The list of people and groups assisting her is mind-boggling. She also gives special thanks to her brother, sister, and husband — her biggest boosters. Having family support is so important for us as writers.

What a remarkable feat of research and writing! And what a labor of love. With her gifted narrative voice, Laura has brought alive an astounding story — one that enriches all of us. Bravo, Laura. Write on!

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