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When you’re immersed in the world of books, one thing really leads to another. You never know where you’ll end up — and that’s fun, isn’t it? I just had a chat with my marvelous friend Mardi. She’s coming up to New York and wanted to get together, but I’ll be up in Vermont watching Alex race and dropping him off at Middlebury. Tough timing!

Still, we did have a great catch-up. Mardi and I talked about Alex and her son Martin, about mutual friends (fun), the economy (not so much fun!), and getting more exercise (whoops!). And as always, we also talked about books. Mardi’s a huge reader and is a member of a book club. She started talking about some of the books her club has read and mentioned one title that sounds irresistible: The Harvard Psychedelic Club.

One member of the club was Richard Alpert, who later went on to become Ram Dass, a spiritual teacher, and to write a number of popular books, including Be Here Now. After reading The Harvard Psychedelic Club, Mardi looked into Ram Dass and began reading some of his work. She found one book, Paths to God, especially insightful and has returned to it from time to time.

All of which made me interested in Ram Dass!! So I Googled him and then took a peek via Amazon into Paths to God, which sound really intriguing. I may just have to pick it up and give it a go.

Isn’t it wonderful how one book leads to another? And how one friend’s reading life can inspire you to take a satisfying journey of your own? When I think of all the wonderful books that friends and family have opened me up to over the years, I feel so grateful and blessed. Words open up new worlds. Book talkers, unite!

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