Wonderful Day

“May all your days be wonderful!”

What a wonderful day! Alex and I hopped on a bus into the city and joined my darling sister Stephanie and her husband Luis for a ride around Manhattan in a lovely 1920s-style wooden cruiser. It was cozy and the view was amazing. It was a day to be savored, to soak in new sights and sounds — and recharge.

Afterwards, we wandered around 10th avenue in the Chelsea area. One highlight of the day was ambling on the Highline — an elevated railroad track that’s been converted to a park and walkway. The view is fabulous: you’re up just high enough to see the architectural details of dozens of old buildings. Below me, I was delighted to spy a bookstore with a colorful banner waving outside with the word “READ” emblazoned on it. My kind of place!

As we sauntered above the city amidst an abundance of flowers and greenery, I couldn’t help but notice that there were people sprinkled all around this airborne park totally immersed in reading. One fellow sat on a bench in a dapper business suit poring over a book, oblivious to everyone around him. Later, we came upon a young woman relaxing on a huge wooden chaise lounge, book in hand and happy as a clam. She looked for all the world as if she were on a beach in the Bahamas, instead of the middle of Manhattan.

After a delicious dinner, Alex and I headed home on the train. Waiting for the 8:37 to roll in, I ran into a fellow named Stan who knew me way back when Alex was just a little tyke. We chatted for a bit and as we parted, he gave me a hug and said, “May all your days be wonderful!” How miraculous to have such a beautiful blessing bestowed upon me in a bustling train station! And since words are like magic wands, I pass the same blessing onto you: “May all your days be wonderful!” Write on!

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