Beloved Boosters

A trifle tipsy am I after wine and dinner with my dear friend Lynne, who has lived down the street from me for about 10 years and is about to move to California. Oh, woe is me! How I shall miss her sunny smile and encouraging words! It was Lynne who sat on my porch on Halloween a few years ago one balmy evening talking with me about my YA novel when it was getting started.

As we sat sipping wine on my stairs, I told her about my idea. Lynne who is a former teacher and home schools her four children, was so enthusiastic that she inspired me to pull my story off a shelf and take a look at the pages and pages I’d written in a notebook. I started inputting them and I’ve been going strong ever since. Just recently, Lynne encouraged me to make my story even bigger. Once again she inspired me and I came up with a whole new angle that I’m very excited about.

While Lynne was spinning spin-off ideas galore — she definitely a big-picture consultant! — who should stroll up to our table but my fabulous friend Linda and her lovely daughter Natalie. Linda was one of The first readers for my YA novel and she’s been a constant supporter. Whenever I talk about my story with her, I feel that she’s totally engaged in it right along with me, which Gives me a huge boost. Whenever she says, “I don’t know how you came up with that!” I feel like I’ve won the lottery.

Writing is a solitary occupation, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely one. among the most rewarding things about working on my YA novel has been sharing my progress — and lack of it! — with my beloved sister Steph and my wonderful friends. just knowing that I have people around who believe in me and my work makes all the difference when I have a tough day. So a big shout out to Linda and Lynne. now that Lynne’s off to the West Coast, I guess I’ll have to learn how the heck to use Skype!

How about you? Are there any loyal boosters in your life that it would make you feel great to send a heart=felt thank you to for all their help? Why not send an email or note today? Write on!

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