Great News

Love it when great news arrives — it’s so encouraging! I just received an email from Priscilla, who’s in my writing group. She just had a story accepted in an online journal and thanked our group for giving her feedback on it, which she found really helpful. She joins Nancy, another member, who also had a piece published online. Another email brought news that a friend in my playwrighting class is working on a film; two other acquaintances have finished films just recently.

It’s always great to hear that people are getting their work out and about — that they’re making progress. So often, when we’re involved in projects day to day, it seems that nothing much is happening, or that what we’re doing isn’t something that other people are going to care about. It can be hard to stay upbeat and focused when those kinds of thoughts are running through your head.

That’s why it’s so important to stay connected with people you know who are getting things done and putting their work out into the world. Their energy can be contagious and their successes, small or large, can help encourage you to keep moving steadily forward with your own projects.

One of my biggest sources of inspiration is my writing group. I love my writing buddies! We meet once a month and help each other with ideas, feedback, book suggestions, and just plain old “You can do it!” pats on the back. It’s tough out there, but knowing I have friends I can turn to for comfort and constructive comments makes all the difference. Write on!

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