Twelve Predictions

Just to keep us in the New Year groove a bit longer, I’d like to share with you twelve predictions that my friend and mentor Dr. Rob Gilbert made on his wonderful Success Hotline (973.743.4690). They’re fun and thought-provoking — and just zingy enough to keep us all motivated as we move toward our goals:

Prediction #1: In the next year, you will have problems.

Prediction #2: You will also have the choice of how you respond to problems. Are you going to get frustrated or fascinated? It’s your choice.

Prediction #3: You will discover that you can work much harder than you think you can. You’ll amaze yourself!

Prediction #4: You will have detractors, maybe even enemies.

Prediction #5: You’ll discover that what you think of yourself is much more
important than what anyone else thinks of you.

Prediction #6: You will discover how resilient you are. You will bounce back
over and over again — and you will love this about yourself!

Prediction #7: You will find many people along the way who will help you –
friends, colleagues, mentors, teachers, therapists, books — even angels.

Prediction #8: In many situations when you want to accomplish something difficult, you will find that you feel bad before you feel good.

Prediction #9: You will be given signs that you are on the right track.

Prediction #10: You will invest a great deal of time and effort in some things and you won’t see progress right away — just like seeds planted underground.

Prediction #11: You will be amazed with yourself in the next year!

Prediction #12: You will get what you want. Absolutely, positively guaranteed.

What wonderful wisdom and hopeful aspirations as we start the New Year! Dr. Rob Gilbert’s free Success Hotline is a constant source of inspiration and motivation for me: I listen to it every day and really encourage you to check it out — you’ll be so glad you did. Write on!

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    • Hi Coach Tully,

      Thanks so much for passing on these wonderful thoughts and for
      visiting my blog! is a wonderful resource
      and I’m looking forward to following and sharing your
      inspirational advice in the coming year.

      Write on,

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