Keep Believing

“Our guys never quit, never have any doubts. We just keep believing and keep fighting until the very end, no matter what the circumstances are.”
Eli Manning, Giants quarterback

Let me admit right now, that I’m not a huge football fan — I’m more of a baseball gal. In fact, even after watching lots of high-school games when Alex was in marching band mode, I barely understand the game. Still, after hearing my dog-walking pals going on about the big NY Giants-SF 49ers face-off, I decided to catch the game. It was exciting!

But it wasn’t just the awesome plays at crunch-time on Sunday that got my attention. What really grabbed me about the Giants is their come-back story this season and their upbeat, no-excuses attitude. It’s so inspiring!

From what I’ve read, nobody except the players themselves ever expected the Giants to be going to the Super Bowl this year. But it was their own belief in themselves that shaped their attitude and their success, not everyone else’s doubts about them. It was this strong belief in their ability as a team that transformed them into bounce-back kids. After a long dry spell in which they lost four games in a row, the Giants rebounded in a big way.

Here’s how ESPN’s Dan Graziano summed up their success: “The defining aspect of these Giants is their toughness, but out of that over the past five weeks has grown a patience and a discipline that’s rooted in intense self-belief and has propelled them to unexpected heights.” “They have grit now,” said head coach Tom Coughlin.

The Giants overcame a raft of obstacles on the road to the Super Bowl: lots of injuries, lackluster games, negative static about their performance. But in the end, none of that really mattered, because as wide receiver Hakeem Nicks said, “I think we always believed — in ourselves, in our coaches, in our plan, and in each other.”

As Dan summed up Sunday’s win: “These Giants represent the reason we watch sports — to be surprised and amazed, to see human beings push their own limits and achieve things few expected of them. These Giants are overachievers.”

Now, we may not be Giants. But you know what? We can embrace their winning attitude in our writing life: We can believe in ourselves, bounce back from losses, never quit, keep fighting, and push our limits. Go Giants!

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