Helping Hand

“A kind word is like a Spring day.”
Russian Proverb

For me, one of the most rewarding things about being a writer is finding ways to put my way with words in service to others. Do you feel that way as well? If so, then there are plenty of opportunities to share our skills in order to support the people in our lives who may need a helping hand.

Just recently, I had the chance to work with a friend to update and sharpen her resume. She’s wonderfully talented, but is stuck right now in a job that is extremely stressful. I’d love to see her find a new work situation — one that would let her give full play to her experience, but also be more congenial and emotionally satisfying. Along with encouraging my friend to step up her job search, it felt great to sit down and help her in a practical way by fine-tuning her resume.

When I go to writing workshops that I find helpful, I often write blog posts that capture key points and then send them to whoever led the sessions as a way of saying thank you. One acquaintance actually put a link to my post on her site because she felt it highlighted some of the ideas she wanted to convey and also showed other potential attendees the value of what she was offering. That felt great!

Sending a handwritten note, crafting a funny email that gives a friend a laugh, offering to write a brochure pro bono for a nonprofit group that you admire, or helping someone write a letter they’re struggling with — all these small acts of kindness in sharing your writing skills can enrich both you and those you help. Write on!

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