Ever-replenishing Springs

“Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither.”
C.S. Lewis

It’s been a beautiful day and I’ve had a touch of Spring fever, plus, I miss Ryder and I’m feeling a bit blue over him. On top of this, I just hit a pothole on my road to publication. All of this adds up to one big excuse to disguise the fact that I’m coming up empty here. I do not seem to have an idea in my head for a post that might be helpful.

Not quite true: A few candidates have floated up like so much flotsam and jetsam: Letting Go — a post about how important it is to give up on ideas that aren’t working; At Random — a post about perusing a shelf of Alex’s books and picking one out, selecting a random paragraph from it and riffing on it; and finally, Much Ado — a post about the way that Shakespeare continues to live on through his amazing ability to tap into his own deepest desires and fears and hold them up to us as mirrors.

Well, these ideas aren’t too shabby as a friend of mine used to say. Any one of them would have worked quite well I think. Perhaps I’ll let them all percolate for a while and then step them out.

Right now, I’m just wishing that I could cozy up with Ryder, my big, furry, four-footed, non-electric blanket and hug him good night. But he’s not here anymore. No that’s not quite true. Now he’s everywhere. I can feel his presence, but I just can’t see him. Maybe this is what I really wanted to write about and I wasn’t quite as empty as I thought I was. And that’s the message in all this, I guess. Even when we feel empty, there’s something bubbling up inside us. We’re not really empty vessels then, we’re more like ever-replenishing underground springs. Write on.

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