Kicking Back

Sometimes, we can be working so intensely that we forget that it’s important to refill the well emotionally and spiritually by just relaxing for a bit. That’s why I was so happy when my wonderful friend and writing buddy, Nancy, invited me to a Friday night yoga class and party. I must confess that I’m a bit rusty on the yoga front, but managed to do some pretty decent downward dogs.

Donna, who taught the class, spoke at the beginning about the importance of community in our lives and how we are enriched by receiving and giving energy in a warm, supportive environment like a yoga class. This made me think of my writing group and the way we help and energize each other — and how important all their help has been as my YA novel has taken shape. Building a community around any activity that you cherish and want to deepen your grasp of can be so nourishing and helpful. As time goes by, I’ve realized the truth of this more and more.

After yoga, we headed over to a house nearby where Nancy’s friend Nick hosted a lovely party for us. There were fajitas, delicious salads, delicious desserts, and plenty of wine and lively conversation. I listened to Donna, who’s a dancer as well as a yoga instructor, talk about some of the dance pieces she’s performed in and the creative process she uses to design them. It was just so interesting to here an artist in a different medium altogether talk about her work.

There’s something about dance and the way dancers inhabit and play with space from an emotional standpoint that seems connected to words for me in some very elemental way. Maybe it’s that, as writers, we play with both space and time. In any case, it was just so fascinating to hear how a creative artist in another field approaches her work. It’s such a big world out there, with so many fascinating people and adventurous avenues to explore!
Aren’t we lucky that we are free to do all this as part of our livelihood? Thanks Nancy and Nick, for a wonderful and restorative evening. Write on!

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