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“We each do a little. We all do a lot.”
Cash Mob Motto

Have you heard of “Cash Mobs”? I hadn’t until today, but what a cool concept! They are small groups of people who organize via social media and come together at a pre-appointed time to spend their hard-earned dollars at a local store as a way of supporting small businesses in their local communities. Once they’ve shopped (after spending $20 or more), they gather at a nearby watering hole and socialize for a while. Cash Mobs are springing up all over.

And here’s the great part for us as part of the book world: some Cash Mobs are targeting bookstores and giving them a boost by bringing in small crowds of people to browse and buy. Isn’t that fantastic? Here’s what the owner of Dead Poets Books (love that name!) in Las Vegas wrote to the coordinator of the Las Vegas Cash Mobs:

“Our sales were terrific – thank you everyone! – it has been a struggle since our economy started falling, and the popularity of e-books has really impacted the printed word community, not just brick and mortar stores, but authors and publishers, too. We are very, very grateful. I’m not sure how many people there were, 40+ I think, (there were some late-comers), but I don’t think there have EVER been that many people in our store at one time – that was SUCH a good feeling!!! Blessings upon you for bringing this idea to Las Vegas, it is such a great idea for renewing interest in the small business. I, too, hope it continues to grow and people once again (customer AND shop owner) feel they matter.”

Just love this idea! With so many small businesses still feeling the economic pinch, it’s great to hear that grass roots support is mobilizing to help local enterprises survive and thrive. And how wonderful that independent bookstores, which add so much joy and camaraderie to their communities, are being helped. So check out and be inspired! Write on.

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