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Remember how when you were a kid at camp and you had to have a water buddy with you when you went swimming? Or how you had to buddy up when you took a school trip, so your teacher wouldn’t go absolutely insane trying to find you because you had wondered off? Well, guess what! In the wonderful, wacky world of writing, having a writing buddy can be a huge help as well. Metaphorically speaking, it might even save your life! Here’s how and why:

First of all, it’s lonely at your desk. Having a writing buddy to meet with, talk to, or even just email for support and a friendly boost can be a big help on those days when you feel like what you’re working on just isn’t coming together. Second, your writing buddy may have a fantastic idea about some thorny plot problem that you’ve been wrestling with. So hooking up with your buddy might just save you a lot of time and a boatload of stress. Third, having a writing buddy can make you accountable to someone else for achieving your writing goals, whatever they are. And finally, teaming up with a pal can make certain writing-related tasks a whole lot easier.

Here are some ways you and your buddy might support each other on a regular basis:

The check-in call: You and your buddy can give each other a quick daily or weekly dose of
good cheer and support. You can also touch base about your mutual writing goals.

The rejection rant: If some editor, agent, or publication is foolish and benighted enough to take a pass on your work, your writing buddy can provide a little tea and sympathy — not a long pity party, mind you, just a brief bit of good cheer to speed you on your way.

Submissions salvos: If you are having a hard time getting yourself to submit your work for
publication, team up with your writing buddy and do it together. It’s far more likely to happen if you help each other send out queries and snail-mail packages.

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