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“Turn your dreams into reality by taking matters into your own hands.”
Henriette Anne Klauser

For some reason, today I pulled off from my shelf a book that I really need to revisit called Write It Down, Make It Happen. What a perfect title and what a bold promise! This wonderful book is filled with inspiring examples and easy exercises for putting your dreams on paper. Here are two success stories to get your own creative juices flowing:

As a low-paid tech worker slaving away in a cubicle, Scott Adams found himself compulsively doodling at his desk. Then he began to write the same sentence fifteen times a day: “I will become a syndicated cartoonist.” His dream was battered, but despite many rejections, Scott kept it alive somehow, day after day. He persevered and finally signed a syndication contract for his Dilbert comic strip. Then he started writing, “I will be the best cartoonist on the planet.”

A bold dream. Did Scott achieve it? Today, Dilbert is syndicated in 2000+ papers worldwide, his Web site gets hundreds of thousands of visitors a month, The Dilbert Principle has sold well over a million copies and products from mouse pads to coffee mugs are found in cubicles around the world.

Suze Orman, the personal finance guru, started out waitressing for $400.00 a month, When she landed a job at Merrill Lynch, she was terrified she wouldn’t meet her sales quota and would be fired. Here’s how Suze said she handled her fear: “I created what I wanted for myself first on paper. Every morning before I would go to work, I would write over and over again, ‘I am young, powerful, and successful, producing at least $10,000 a month.” It worked.

How about you? What dream do you have for your writing? Commit it to paper and it’s more likely to take flight into the world of reality. Write on!

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