Can’t Rush

“It should be done soon. I’m tired of telling people exactly when, because you can’t rush creativity.”
John Legend

John is talking about a new album he’s working on called Love in the Future, but he could be talking about any of the projects that any of us are working on at the moment. Each creative endeavor has its own unique internal timing and trying to speed it up is like what a friend of mine once described as “pushing the river.”

You can’t push the river and you can’t rush creativity. This little reminder is coming at a good time for me. I’ve just dived into a major overhaul of my YA novel and right now, it isn’t pretty. There’s some serious work to do and it’s going to take some serious time. How much, I can’t say.

I’m feeling under some pressure because we’re heading into one of the peak times for submitting to agents, but I’ve put all that on hold while I tackle some story problems. If I miss this window, I may not be able to go out again until early next year. That could be a problem, but right now, I’ve decided not to worry about it.

“Learning French isn’t difficult. It’s time consuming. Learning physics isn’t difficult, it’s just time consuming.” That’s what my friend and mentor Dr. Rob Gilbert often says on his Success Hotline (973.743.4690). And more and more, I’ve come to believe that this is true. If we’re willing to put in the time, we can gain mastery of just about anything. So, I’m going to put in the time to push my novel to the next level and just relax about it. Because, hey, you can’t rush creativity! Write on.

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