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“And when I allow my Soul to be in control, and I can exist within the here and now, there is nothing but peace and love. It is. Period.”
Janet M. Neal, author of Soul In Control

Here’s something I absolutely love: celebrating a newly published book authored by a friend. What an accomplishment! And what fun it is to share the fulfillment and sense of achievement with a someone you admire and cherish. Tonight, I had pleasure of doing exactly that at one of my favorite spots, Watchung Booksellers, my local bookstore. My friend Janet’s new book, Soul in Control: Reflections of a Reformed Superwoman, is now in print and out in the world, and a book signing was on the agenda.

When I asked Janet, how it felt to be a freshly minted author, she said: “It feels fabulous! It’s really fun. If you want to see the expression on my face when I opened the box with my books, check out my Facebook page!”

Soul in Control is witty and wise. In a spirited and friendly style, Janet shares a series of inspiring and revealing stories to trace her journey from someone who lived “a controlled life that was led by my ego, my mind and my thoughts, to leading a life of grace and ease, where I invite my Soul to be in control.” Lives of “grace and ease” — isn’t that what we’re all striving for?

Since she first penned Cathy the Crayon in fifth grade, Janet has wanted to author a book. And over the years, between newsletters, journaling, and notes, she mused that she’s probably written seven or eight! But Soul in Control is her first published work — and she was thrilled to hold a copy in her hands.

What inspired her to write it? Like so many authors, Janet has life lessons to share. And she wanted to put them out into the world because she thinks they may be helpful to other women on their own journeys.

As Janet described her road to publication, she talked about the ups and downs she faced. But when the right time arrived, she knew it — her soul was in control. For more on Janet, her blog, and Soul in Control, visit or check her book out on Amazon. Bravo, Janet. And write on!

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