Inching Along

After a few days of not working, I’ve finally gotten back into the saddle. It feels good, but it’s taking some time to build my momentum again. Somehow, the hurricane disruption coincided with my hitting a rough patch in my YA novel revisions, so even though I’m back at my desk, I seem to be swimming in molasses.

And yet, I seem to be inching toward a new opening that really looks promising. Once I get that nailed down — at least for now — I can move forward with the rest of my revisions. But it’s all going very, very slowly. I’m in that maddening place we’ve all experienced: two steps forward, one set back. Or is it two steps back, one step forward? I can’t remember. All I know is that progress seems glacially slow.

Am I going to get frustrated or fascinated with the revision snafu I’ve encountered? That’s the question my friend and mentor Rob Gilbert asks every so often on his Success Hotline (973.743.4690). Getting frustrated is a losing proposition, that’s for sure. It will just tie me up and slow me down. Getting fascinated by the challenge I’m facing — now that sounds far more promising. When I’m fascinated, I can think in new ways, play with words, have fun, and maybe even surprise myself.

I’m going with fascination. I’ve decided not to worry about how fast my revision is progressing. Instead, I’m going to concentrate on nailing a new opening that will propel me forward. Write on.

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