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Invention, thy name is writer! Again, I am dazzled by the endless resourcefulness that writers display in coming up with ingenious new angles that shed light on familiar people and places. A case in point: Owen J. Hurd’s book called, After the Fact, The Surprising Fates of American History’s Heroes, Villains, and Supporting Characters.

In this lively, thought-provoking book, our intrepid author takes readers down life’s unpredictable paths to show us where some famous people end up after the party’s over. What a terrific idea! Here are a few Act II snippets our boy Owen reveals:

Henry Hudson: After arriving in North America in 1609 aboard his ship, the Discovery, Hudson mapped big chunks of New England and then sailed home. His second trip to the New World didn’t go as well. When his ship returned to England, only eight of the original 24 members were on board and poor Henry wasn’t among them. During a harsh winter, his crew revolted. Henry and eight others, his teenage son among them, were placed in a small boat near the Arctic Circle and never seen again.

Pocahontas: Sure, we all know that she saved Captain John Smith, but what happened next? Well, in 1613, just six years after she rescued the Captain, she was kidnapped by the British. When her father refused to ransom her, Pocahontas cut all ties with her Indian heritage and spent the rest of her life among the English. She changed her name to Rebecca, married John Rolfe, and became a big hit in London’s social scene.

Fascinating, isn’t it? Whatever the theme, there’s always a fresh and exciting way to approach it. As writers, one of our jobs is to find that “path not taken” and light the way for readers. Write on.

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