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Ok, I admit it. I am not exactly a Luddite, but I do try to remain as low tech as possible, just because of the distraction factor. So when Alex requested an iPhone as a graduation present and wanted me to upgrade to N iPhone 4 when he got a snazzy new iPhone 5, I was a reluctant consumer.

But Alex is a persuasive guy and he convinced me that I’d have better Luck with an iPhone because I’m a really visual person and so all the little colorful icons and little gizmos like this little yellow notepad and keyboard would be very user friendly for me.

So I decided to give it a go — and I have to admit that my boy Alex was absolutely, awesomely right! For example, I am totally loving pecking at this miniature keyboard, which even has little tapping sounds like a typewriter. Now, how cool is that for someone like me who has three manual typewriters taking up valuable space in her tiny office?

And guess what? Alex has loaded up a Word press app for me, so that I can actually not only create this post on my phone, but also send it off into cyberspace so that you can read it. Fantastic! Haven’t quite figured it out, though.

Actually, the fact that I have embraced this enthusiastically is really heartening for me, because it makes me feel bolder about tackling the whole social media hydra-headed monster. Whoops, cancel that! I should say social media challenge. In any case, I even leapfrogged my sister Steph and was temporarily higher tech than she was on the phone front, which makes me feel dangerous indeed! So, who knows where all this will lead? Write on!

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