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It’s always great to send off chapters of my YA novel to my writing group. We’ll be meeting in about a week and I’m eager to get some feedback on some major changes that I’ve made. I’ve decided to introduce a whole new character to my story and I can’t wait to see what my writing buddies think! I had lots of fun bringing her into the world and getting her on the page — it made me feel like Mistress of the Universe! I hope my excitement shows when my writing group makes her acquaintance.

In another chapter, I’ve worked hard to build up a battle scene, but I’m not sure if I’ve hit the mark and I’m looking forward to getting some feedback and great ideas that will help me make it better and stronger. Just knowing that I can tap my talented friends’ brains for fresh ideas or a new angle gives me such a boost! It’s made me realize how much I’ve come to count on my writing group for so many things: encouragement, support, creativity, and energizing ideas — not to mention the pleasure it gives me when they really enjoy something I’ve written.

Then there’s the satisfaction that comes from helping and encouraging my writing buddies with their own work: It’s just so satisfying to share with them the enjoyment I’ve felt when something they wrote really grabbed me or to pass on a suggestion that seems to really make a difference. It’s like we’re all in a boat together rowing toward the same shore and each taking turns at the oars to keep the boat moving steadily.

While there’s great joy to be had in those solitary moments when I’m in the zone and time disappears, I’ve also come to appreciate more and more the chance to share what I’ve written with a small group of readers who care about helping me make my writing better and stronger. I’d love to hear if you’ve found a group of your own to work with. Write on!

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