Adventure Awaits

“Exploring Europe with Hermoine’s wits, Harry’s curiosity, and Ron’s budget.”
Karen and Ryan, Harry Potter enthusiasts/obsessives

Little did I know when I penned my last post, “Rowling Ruminates” and tagged it, that it would catch the eagle eyes of Karen and Ryan, two 22-somethings from Colorado “with a passion for exploration and adventure.”

And here’s what’s truly exciting — as of June 10, Karen and Ryan have taken their obsession global! Over the next five months they plan to “travel across 14 different countries and look at Europe through Rowling’s eyes, accompanied by cutouts of Harry, Ron, and Hermoine. They’ll be backpacking on a “Weasley budget,” but it sounds like they have loads of fun stops aborning. What a magical adventure!

What inspired it all? Here’s how Karen described the Hogwarts experience she and Ryan shared — and its impact on them: “For the last decade, Ryan and I have been obsessing over the Harry Potter world that we have grown up in. Dreaming at a young age of visiting the magical world we have only read about in books and seen on screen, we decided it was time to go experience the magic for ourselves! The last year we have been creating the Harry Potter Lover’s dream itinerary across the British Isles. Living in the United States and having never traveled to Europe before, we are extremely excited to see what inspired Jo Rowling into writing such beautiful books and creating a world of magic that has captivated the hearts of millions around the world.”

I adore the idea of the “Harry Potter Lover’s dream itinerary,” — what a fantastic lens through which to see the world beyond America for the very first time! And how inspiring and encouraging to think that words on paper can have such a captivating influence on two enthusiastic and intrepid readers.

Karen and Ryan’s adventurous journey reminds me of one of those wonderful children’s book illustrations I saw once of a magic carpet ride. Colorful and almost alive, the carpet seemed to be weaving through time and space. For any Potterheads reading this, you can follow Ryan and Karen via their blog created for “Harry Potter lovers, travel enthusiasts, and adventure seekers” ( I’m definitely going to check in on their progress! Write on!

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