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If you’re an author of either a fiction or nonfiction book, then you may know something book clubs. They’re the ultimate buzz meisters and they can make a book into a superstar. Now I’m not talking about Oprah’s 2.0 book club, which we all know can rocket a book into the stratosphere, but about the grass-roots kind, the ones that are constantly springing up all across the country peopled by book lovers and buyers.

A while ago, I did a post (Inspiring Story) about a book called The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom. Kathleen was a first-time author and although she had a major publisher, she knew that the exposure she would get would be limited. Instead of settling for less than stellar marketing, she began a campaign to interest book clubs in her exciting story. Within a short time, she had visited 50 clubs and spoken to them. Word began catching fire and her book started posting some big sales numbers. Once this happened, her publisher kicked in with more resources for marketing. So book clubs count!

Galley Cat, a great online publishing resource (, recently introduced a new list of authors who agree to visit book clubs. To list yourself as an author in Galley Cat’s online directory — it’s free — just go to its site and fill out a simple form and you’ll be added to its directory of writers who will travel to clubs, visit clubs via Skype, or who will chat by telephone with club members. So far, 1,500 authors have listed themselves — why not join them and take advantage of this great no-cost service.

Any way that we authors can find to connect with readers is all to the good. That’s why I love the idea of an author’s-who-will-connect-with-book-clubs directory. What a fantastic idea and what a boon to writers. Bravo, Galley Cat! And write on.

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