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One thing we writers all know: There’s no shortage of conferences of all shapes and sizes that we can attend. Often these offer great opportunities to meet agents, pitch your work face to face, and avoid the dreaded, deadly, dastardly slush pile. Chuck Sambuchino, the editor of the 2013 Guide to Literary Agents, rounded up a sizzling smorgasbord of these events. Here’s a sampling of what’s available and the range of agents attending:

Agents and Editors Conference (Writers League of Texas), June 21-23, 2013, Austin, TX
Attending agents: Sarah Davies (Greenhouse Literary); Stacey Glick (Dystel & Goderich); Meredith Kaffel (DeFiore & Company); Kirby Kim (WME Entertainment); Taylor Martindale (Full Circle Literary); Emmanuelle Morgen (Stonesong); Penny Nelson (Manus & Associates); Marcy Posner (Folio Literary); Rita Rosenkranz (Rita Rosenkranz Literary); Susan Schulman (Susan Schulman Literary); Brooks Sherman (FinePrint Literary); Ken Sherman (Ken Sherman Associates); Becca Stumpf (Prospect Agency); and Rachel Vogel (Mary Evans, Inc.).

Jackson Hole Writers Conference, June 27-29, 2013, Jackson Hole, WY
Attending agents: Sheree Bykofsky (Sheree Bykofsky Associates); Chris Parris-Lamb (The Gernert Company); Stephanie Rostan (Levine Greenberg); and Sarah LaPolla (Curtis Brown).

Hunt Country Writers Retreat, July 5-6, 2013, Middleburg, VA
Attending agents: Shannon O’Neill (ICM/Sagalyn), Jeff Kleinman (Folio Literary); and Anna Sproul-Latimer (Ross Yoon Literary).

Midwest Writers Workshop, July 25-27, 2013, Muncie, IN
Attending agents: Sarah LaPolla (Curtis Brown); Victoria Marini (Gelfman Schneider); Amanda Luedeke (MacGregor Literary); and John Cusick (Greenhouse Literary).

Cape Cod Writers Conference, Aug. 4-9, 2013, Cape Cod, MA
Attending agents: Sorche Fairbank (Fairbank Literary); Miriam Allen (Allen O’Shea); Ann Collette (Rees Literary); and more.

Killer Nashville (Mystery/Crime Writers), Aug. 22-25, 2013, Nashville, TN
Attending agents: Brooks Sherman (FinePrint Literary); Jill Marr (Sandra Dijkstra Literary); Clay Ezell (ICM Partners); and Evan Gregory (Ethan Ellenberg Literary).

Northern Ohio SCBWI Conference, Sept. 20-21, 2013, Cleveland, OH
Attending agents: Linda Epstein (Jennifer De Chiara Literary); and Karen Grencik (Red Fox Literary).

Just looking at all these agents gives me a boost! How about you? Write on.

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