Steady State

We all know the drill: When we’re feeling energetic and focused, our work seems to perk along. But when we hit a low-energy slump, everything, from planning to penning, seems harder and less satisfying. It turns out that there are predictable times during the day when we literally run out of gas and our energy flags. Fortunately, there are some simple pick-me-ups we can all use to keep our energy levels steadier from morning to night. Here are some tips from Woman’s World:

Morning boost: If all is well, our brains are supposed to generate energy-enhancing dopamine in the morning to help us shake off sleepiness. However, lack of sleep and stress can lower our dopamine output so that we feel tired instead of refreshed in the morning. What to do? A simple strategy: Boost dopamine with a 3-minute scalp massage.

Mid-morning boost: If your energy tends to fade by mid-morning, you might need to up your intake of boron, a mineral that triggers energizing brain waves. To zap
persistent mid-morning slumps, try snacking on ½ cup of raisins or almonds two hours after breakfast. Within a week, you could see a difference in your energy level.

Post-lunch boost: Early afternoon is the time when blood sugar levels tend to dip sharply, making us feel tired and sluggish. Eating a cup of berries can help, because they help control the ups and downs of sugar production.

Night-time boost: If you’re a night owl like me, then energy dips in the evening can be a problem. This sometimes happens because our bodies produce sleep-inducing melatonin in the early evening. One simple way to control melatonin: music. If you put on some upbeat tunes, you’ll alert your brain to curb its melatonin output for a few hours.

Quick energy revver: If you lift your head, pull your arms back, and smile broadly, in less than a minute, you can “trick” your brain into believing that you’re feeling good and it will give you a shot of energizing neurotransmitters! That’s easy!

I’d love to know if any of these energy boosters worksfor you. And write on!

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