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As we develop our craft and also begin to seek out audiences for our work via traditional or digital publishing routes, we need all the help we can get. Any resource that supports our endeavors may be worth exploring. One tool that is often overlooked by writers is LinkedIn. While it’s often seen as a business site for finding jobs or posting resumes, LinkedIn actually has features that can be helpful to us as scriveners. Chief among them are the many private specialty groups that the site has spawned. There are dozens of these that focus on genres, writing, publishing, and promotion. A recent article on the super-helpful marketing site, Where Writers Win, spotlighted a few of these groups:

Authors/Writers Helping Authors/Writers: If you ever need a place to promote your book, web site, blog, twitter once a month, this is the place to be. Over 1,900 members

Authors, Writers, Publishers, Editors, & Writing Professionals: This is a writing group dedicated to the discussion of the craft. It is not a general discussion forum for anything other than the writing profession. No promotion, including links. Over 18,700 members.

Book Marketing: Make sure your headings and discussions make it clear you’re speaking about: marketing books. Do not overtly promote yourself. While adding a link in your discussion to your website or blog post is permitted, creating posts that simply market yourself or your services will not be allowed. This includes marketing your own books and programs. Over 6,800 members

Book Publicity and Marketing: Focuses on marketing and/or PR related to books. Those in the biz and those writing and publishing books are welcome. Over 2,200 members

Books and Writers: Anything book-related. No posted rules! Over 38,450 members

Fiction Writers Guild: Self-promotion allowed in a thread you start. 15,190+ members

LinkEds & Writers: This group is intended for authors, editors, etc. Its goal is to be the preferred place on LinkedIn for wordsmiths to share their advice, joys and frustrations. Over 50,950 members

If you’re already on LinkedIn, you might want to explore groups in your specific genre or that offer targeted support. If you’re new to LinkedIn, then check it out. And write on!

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  1. Joe Owens says:

    I have never visited LinkedIn. All these social media sites become overwhelming after awhile and anything that takes me away from writing seems an enemy.

    • Hi Joe,

      I totally understand your view and feel much the same way: Writing must always be our primary goal! Still, it may be useful for you to explore some of these social media avenues at some point, since they also offer a way to reach potential readers for your work.

      Write on, Karin

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