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“All the world’s a stage.”
William Shakespeare

Amazing enterprises department: Shakespeare’s Globe is going, well, global! The London theater company recently announced that it’s taking Hamlet on the road. On many roads, in fact: It plans to perform the play in every nation on earth. Over two years, a small company of eight will go on tour and perform the play worldwide. The global tour will launch on April 23, 2014 — the 450th anniversary of what is reputed to be Shakespeare’s birthday — and it will end on April 23, 2016.

In announcing the tour, Shakespeare’s Globe said that it hoped to perform the fabled drama in some 205 countries and territories — some of which have never ever even seen a Shakespeare production before. Just to keep things up to date, the drama has a Twitter feed: @WorldHamlet. Don’t you just love it — the Dane’s gone digital!

And just to keep us all feeling hopeful about the world of literature, in New York City, the 92nd Street Y’s Unterberg Poetry Center has hit 75 and is still going strong. The center began in 1939 with a reading by William Carlos Williams and hosted the world premiere of Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood in 1953.

To celebrate its storied past, the center is presenting the New York debut of Enoch Arden, an epic poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson set to music by Richard Strauss. Then, just to keep things exciting, it’s also presenting a staged reading of an unfilmed stage screenplay by Harold Pinter based on Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past. What a powerhouse combination — that’s one event I’d love to attend.

All of which goes to show that classics not only can endure, they can also thrive and revive and transform themselves again and again. They’re not only durable, they’re unbreakable! Write on!

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