Big Moment

Sometimes as a writer, a big moment comes your way. And when it does, you have to savor it! And that’s exactly what I’m doing right now. I have been working on my YA novel for some years now. Writing can be so solitary and insular: I’ve spent hours and hours in my little office, spinning this story out of my head.

I’ve had many false starts, many low moments, and often wondered whether anyone would want to read the story that I felt driven to write. It’s been a labor of love, but it’s often been tough. Many of you know the valley experiences you can go through when you are working on something that really matters to you, but isn’t going well. When I started, I had just the germ of an idea. I had some characters, but no plot. And over time, slowly, I’ve written into the story.

But tonight, it all feels worth it! A wonderful neighbor of mine arranged to have two young girls read my manuscript and give me some comments over a little evening snack at her house. I was excited about this feedback session, but a little nervous as well. My wonderful husband David helped me think up some questions to ask the girls and Alex even called me from the bike shop where he works to wish me good luck!

Then we met. Hearing these two girls talk about the book and the characters and world I have worked so hard to create was absolutely thrilling! This has to be one of my biggest moments as a writer and whatever you are working on, I wish for you a moment that is equally rich and gratifying. One girl wrote me a long note and filled her manuscript with wonderful comments. Whatever happens with this project, I will always remember this evening and wanted to share it. Write on!

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