Yellow Dog

“We believe in the importance of books and their ability to transform the minds and lives of readers, as they have transformed ours. By supporting our dream, you are continuing the life of downtown Columbia’s only bookstore and contributing to the cultural life of the city.”
Kelsey Hammond and Joe Chevalier, Co-founders of the Yellow Dog Bookshop

“Everyone–not just college kids–should hang at Yellow Dog because I’m sure it’s going to be exactly like its owners: warm, inclusive, eclectic, and delightfully smart. The Yellow Dog is within walking distance of campus. How cool would it be to see students walking to a bookstore instead of a bar?”
Darcy Holtgrave, University of Missouri grad student

Every once in a while, I come across a story that really warms the cockles of my writer’s heart — one that makes me feel that others share my belief that books and bookstores are alive and well. Here’s one:

Kelsey Hammond and Joe Chevalier, an enterprising husband-and-wife team, recently launched a successful crowd-funding drive to raise funds to open the Yellow Dog Bookshop in Columbia, Missouri. As noted in the profile for their Indiegogo campaign, the team has almost 14 years of bookselling experience between them and believe “a bookstore can be a community center, a rallying point for ideas and exchange of information. Our shop will be on Ninth Street in the heart of the District — this hotbed of independent businesses needs a bookshop to be complete, and we hope to add to the cultural scene with author events, readings, and book groups.”

Kelsey and Joe actually met at a bookshop and they love the idea that their two kids, Sally and Atticus, will be raised among books. They also truly adore books and running a bookstore is on their bucket list of things they’re passionate about, so they’ll be living their dream. What could be more wonderful than this?

I love Kelsey and Joe’s belief in the transformative power of books and their goal of adding to the cultural life of their community, downtown Columbia, MO, by bringing a new bookstore to it. And since I’m a huge dog lover, I’m totally hooked on the fact that they’ve named their bookstore for their rescue dog, Scout. How wonderful! Write on.

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