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You have to hand it to Serena Williams: She knows how to win. After a blistering game that lasted almost three hours, She Landed her fifth U.S. Open victory and 17th major title, putting her just one title behind 18-time champions Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova. What can we learn from Serena that we can apply in our writing lives? Here are a few tips:

Act like a champion: Serena’s 17th major win didn’t come easily — she had to dig deep for it. After blowing a strong lead at a critical moment in the game, Serena was in danger of a melt-down. But instead of giving in to her frustration, she regrouped and steadied herself.

Don’t retreat, push forward: When it looked like the game was going south, Serena didn’t shrink from the challenge she faced, she embraced it: She started hitting bigger serves and put her opponent on the defensive.

Don’t let the past create your future: In previous games, when she had to battle the wind and committed foot faults, Serena lost her focus and imploded. This time around, she calmed down quickly and reacted differently. She made a different choice and created a new and better result.

Keep learning and growing: Working with a new coach, Serena’s made some fundamental changes in her game. Though she’s always been a powerhouse, she’s added more variety and consistency in her shots. Instead of trying to play the way she always played, she was open to improving her game and pushing herself to a new level.

Go for sustained excellence: While some naysayers felt that Serena’s best games were behind her, by improving her strategy and mental toughness, she’s proved them wrong. almost 32, she’s steadily improved her game and many experts believe she’s having the best season of her 13-year career.

Be gracious: After winning one of her toughest games ever, Serena told her opponent Victoria Azarenka, “What a great match and what a great person. It’s an honor to play against you.” Having a worthy adversary made her dig deeper and play better.

Every day we go to the page, we face our toughest opponent:ourselves. How we manage our daily practice and the setbacks we face determines whether we have a championship season. Let’s play big and write on.

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