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“In the new world of publishing, one fact has become clear: Whether your book is self-published or put out by a small indie publishing house, you, the author, will be expected to market that book.”
Hank Quense

How right Hank is! And from my experience, the same holds true if your book is published by a major or mid-sized publisher. Whatever your path to print, much of the heavy-lifting of identifying and wooing readers will fall to you as the author. But most of us have little or no experience on the marketing front and are uncomfortable even thinking about it. Luckily for all of us, help is at hand.

An award-winning author and indie publisher, Hank Quense has just released a new ebook through his Self-Publishing Guides program called: Marketing Plans for Self-Published Books — and it’s loaded with practical strategies and action plans. Whether you are self-published, indie published, or traditionally published, this 60+ page guide offers valuable, how-to advice that will not only demystify marketing but also make you feel empowered and confident. Here are a few helpful tips:

View yourself as a CEO: As Hank puts it, “The brutal fact of the publishing world is this: once you’ve published a book, you own a business. You are the Chief Executive Officer or CEO of that business and the product your business sells is the book. Whether you like it or not, you are the Marketing Manager for the book. You are also the Sales Manager….”

Commit to a marketing plan: Successful authors know that the key to building an audience and generating sales is doing “as many marketing activities as possible over as long a time as possible.” This takes time and energy, but it is far more effective that spending money on marketing “services” that offer little real value.

Develop your plan before publication: Hank recommends that your plan be up and running at least four months before your book is actually published.

For more expert advice, templates, budgets, and action plans to get your marketing on track, check out Marketing Plans for Self-Published Books at Bravo, Hank. Write on!

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3 Responses to Marketing How-tos

  1. Hi Karin
    Thanks for posting this great review. Another objective I had in writing this book is to protect authors from the many scam artists who prey on authors who don’t understand marketing. These authors can buy “services’ from the scammers and get nothing in return for the money. My book talks about these scammers.

    • Hi Hank,

      Thanks for your note and for highlighting this very
      important point about scammers and do-nothing services.
      There are so many of these out there — it seems to
      be a whole industry. Definitely “buyer beware” territory!

      Write on,

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