Scrumptious Story

Maybe it’s all the Halloween candy that we passed to the tons of kids in our neighborhood, but I have chocolate on my mind. That’s one of the reasons I was so happy to see a nice, big fat round container of mint cocoa from Lake Champlain Chocolates that Alex brought back from a recent trip to Vermont at my special request. And this in turn, reminded me of an old Hazelnut Praline Dark Chocolate wrapper that’s sitting in my office. There’s no longer any chocolate in it — we gobbled it up long ago. So why have I kept it?

Because there’s a little story inside the wrapper — a lovely little ode to chocolate that someone at Lake Champlain Chocolates must have composed in a flight of inspiration. And this in turn reminds me that everywhere we look, there are stories waiting to be discovered and told. And as storytellers we really make the world go round: we have a big job to do, whether it’s writing a novel or nourishing the fancies of chocoholics. And just in case, you are one of them like me, here’s the little ode from Lake Champlain Chocolates to tempt your taste buds:

What is it
about a chocolate bar
that has you smiling before
you even get the wrapper off?

Picking one up, holding it in your hands,
peeling away the layers of paper and foil,
every step is a delightful, sensual treat.

The smell,
the shine,
the snap,
the bit,
the slow melting
…you slip into a world
all your own.

Now that’s a scrumptious story! Bravo, Lake Champlain Chocolates. Write on.

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