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For me, getting organized can be a catch-as-catch-can kind of affair. That’s why I’m always looking for practical tips to help me get more out of my time. Just today, I came across some advice from The Hallowell Center, which provides support and counseling to kids who have difficulty focusing and managing their time — and their parents. Here are 10 tips for completing tasks that might prove helpful in making your day more fruitful:

1) Start each week with a planning session and use a weekly/daily planner to keep all your appointments, deadlines, and writing sessions, and reminders at hand.

2) Plan your day around your most productive periods. If you’re a morning person, tackle high-impact projects then. If you’re sharper in the evening, then make that your peak-performance time.

3) You can do anything if the end is in sight! Time limits make tough, unpleasant tasks more bearable, set yourself a one-hour time limit to get started and then dive in.

4) Get rid of the “maybe later” pile that’s cluttering your desk. Decide right away if something is worth keeping. If not, then toss it.

5) Do at least one undesirable task first thing in the morning and get it out of the way.

6) Balance your day: Sandwich enjoyable tasks between those you aren’t so excited about doing so that you’ll stay motivated.

7) Break large projects down into doable 30-minute chunks.

8) Prevent interruptions. Without distractions, you can accomplish much more in a shorter time.

9) Avoid over-planning. Once you have a plan in place, act on it. You don’t need to make it perfect.

10) Reward yourself for your accomplishments!

And now that you’re all organized and productive, write on!

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