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Anyone who has explored the brave new world of self publishing knows that it can be bewildering. While it offers exciting prospects, getting your book in print and out into the world — and then letting the world know about it via marketing — can seem overwhelming. There are content and editing challenges, formatting and printing challenges, business challenges — you name it! Luckily, those of us who want to explore or actually enter this world have a four-part series of easy-to-understand, well-organized ebooks we can turn to for help by seasoned self-publisher Hank Quense. If you’re self-publishing bound, then you’d be wise to consider investing in this series.

Hank’s four Self-Publishing Guides take you step by step through every stage of the process, from planning your content and editing through the nuts-and-bolts of getting a book in print, distributing and marketing it, and managing the business end of authorship. Here’s a quick overview of the invaluable series that Hank has put together to help us all:

Self-Publishing a Book: This compact, 46-page ebook takes you every phase of getting your in polished, publishable shape and then walks you through the logistics of execution: transforming your manuscript into a high-quality book/ebook. Hank covers the pros and cons of indie publishers and self-publishing, professionally editing your draft, getting an ISBN, designing a cover, formatting your text, working with freelance professionals, distribution, and budgeting.

Manage Your Self-Publishing Project: This ebook offers an array of handy tools and techniques for organizing all aspects of your self-publishing project so you can keep it on track and on budget. Everything is mapped out for you here: timetables, hot-button financial issues, and how to orchestrate your launch for maximum impact (see also Self-publishing Demystified).

Marketing Plans for Self-Published Books: This guide walks you through a critical, but often poorly understood aspect of publishing: marketing your book or ebook once you’ve launched it. Hank describes the ins-and-outs of reaching readers and publishing professionals. He covers generating book reviews, using social media, and how to leverage other outreach tools to boost your sales and exposure (see also Marketing How-tos).

Business Basics for Authors: This ebook offers practical, easy-to-follow advice on the nuts-and-bolts of being a professional author, from managing projects and record keeping to handling finances and sales revenues.

To find out more about this set of practical, affordable ebooks, visit Hank Quense’s site and click the heading “Self-publishing Guides.” Hank’s ebooks are also available on, Kindle, and Bravo, Hank. Write on!

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