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“An unequal attraction has devastating repercussions in this delightful, assured debut novel from 68-year-old Thomson.”
People Magazine

When my wonderful writer friend Lil called and invited me to an evening reading by James Whitfield Thomson, Alex and I hopped in the car and headed for Words, an appealing and well-stocked indie bookstore a few towns away. What a treat! Jim was a relaxed and delightful author with an inspiring success story and a gift for sharing his words and thoughts with an audience of enthusiastic readers.

Jim’s elegantly crafted page-turner, Lies You Wanted to Hear, has just been released by Sourcebooks, a leading-edge independent publisher, and is garnering rave reviews. It was selected as one of seven debut novels featured in Book Expo America’s Fall/Winter 2013 Book Buzz and is generating praise from readers, booksellers, and the media. All of which is a heady brew for Jim, who decided to pursue his love of writing after a successful business career.

Over the years, he’d written a book of short stories, a memoir, and several novels. But finally breaking into the big time wasn’t easy. As Jim describes it: “…the road to getting a book published has been long and frustrating. My manuscripts have received hundreds of rejections, and there were several times when an editor said she wanted to accept a book, only to be turned [down] by the editorial board… When I got the news about the book, my wife Elizabeth smiled brightly and said, ‘It’s like you’ve been pregnant for twenty years.’ I hope that my perseverance is an inspiration to other struggling writers….”

Lies You Wanted to Hear took years to write and a year to sell. What a story of talent and true grit! And what fun it was to hear Jim’s spirited reading and to celebrate his hard-won and well-deserved success with him! For more on Lies You Want to Hear, check out Amazon, indie booksellers, and Jim’s Web site: http://www.jameswhitfieldthomson.com. Bravo, Jim! Write on!

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