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With the holiday season in full swing, it can be tough to juggle the writing we want to get done with chances to catch up with friends and family, not to mention planning celebratory events. I know I have a number of social events coming up that promise to be fun but demand some extra zip for me to be at my best. So pumping some extra energy into this time of year seems like a smart move. Here are a few simple ideas from Woman’s World that can help us all find more energy and get more rest so we can bring our best to both our writing and whatever else we may have on the agenda:

Take a morning walk: Even just a short 10-minute walk in the morning can give you a boost: Walking outside and catching some sun even for just a short time can double your alertness: In fact, it pumps enough oxygen through your body to keep you energized for two hours. And there’s a long-lasting benefit benefit: morning walkers fall asleep more easily and wake up feeling more refreshed that evening strollers. A helpful tip: as you walk, try swinging your arms loosely across your body — it stimulates both your left and right brain, boosting your sense of well-being and energy. Think I’m going to try this morning walk routine myself!

Walk tall: Here’s a hidden energy drainer that I definitely need to tackle — slouching! Surprisingly, it takes five times more energy to hunch over than to stand or sit straight. A simple strategy: Taking a deep breath forces oxygen into your diaphragm and automatically improves your posture. Another tip: Uncross your legs when you’re sitting: putting your feet flat on the ground improves circulation which boosts alertness.

Sip your water: Taking small, frequent sips makes it easier for your body to absorb water and keep you hydrated, which combats fatigue. A great tip: Sipping chilled water throughout the day boosts your energy and your metabolism because your body has to work harder to warm up the icy cold liquid. Have to try this, too!

Get some guacamole: It turns out that avocado is a major source of magnesium, which muscles convert to energy and which helps prevent sleep problems. So eating sliced avocado or mixing up a batch of guac for lunch or an afternoon snack can be an easy energy booster. To give it an extra health kick, mix in some yogurt — it’s high in protein, which fights hunger and increases your stamina.

Brainstorm during “off-peak hours: According to the journal Thinking and Reasoning, creative, out-of-the-box solutions are more likely to pop into your head during times when you’re brain is “off duty” and wandering rather than when you’re most focused and alert. So, if you’re a morning person, try tackling thorny challenges at night and if you’re a night owl — that’s me! — try brainstorming during the day.

Spend time with trees: When you take your morning or afternoon walk if you can, try strolling in a tree-filled park — even in bad weather, the soothing and exygenating effects can increase your attention span by 20%!

Now that you’re energized and revved up, write on!

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