Book Bonanza

I’m in a bit of a fog tonight, turkey and French apple-pie induced — must be all that tryptophan I consumed. It’s been a busy, festive day. I am now the proud owner of three new pairs of socks — one pair with adorable owls on them and one comfy pair from Ireland that I’m looking forward to wearing.

But best of all are the new books I received. There is always something delightful and delicious about receiving books that someone else has given us as gifts, isn’t there? I love thinking about someone picking out this title or that one with me in mind. One of my new books, The Goldfinch, has hit the bestseller list. It’s a big fat, juicy novel by Donna Tartt that’s received some wonderful word-of-mouth, so I’m looking forward to dipping into it. But I’ve already diving into another Donna Tartt novel, her debut, I think. It’s called The Secret History and it’s already hooked me — so much so, that I have had a hard time putting it down to write this. Having two books penned by the same author is always fun.

Then there’s a fabulous gift I received from David called The Time Traveler’s Guide to Medieval England. I can’t wait to crack this open because I’m sure that it be chock-a-block with juicy tidbits for my YA historical fantasy. David’s amazing ability to ferret out unusual but timely resources often catches me by surprise — and I love it!

As I write this, Alex is sitting opposite me in one of our fat, comfy armchairs laughing and totally absorbed in one of his gifts, Bill Bryson’s newest book, One Summer: America 1927. Sitting right beside him is another chunky nonfiction treat he received: The Bully Pulpit by Doris Kearns Goodwin. He’s already sampled it and is looking forward to some time with Teddy Roosevelt.

Anchored on our couch, David has been paging through one of his gifts from Alex called Mrs. Astor’s New York, which has some great photos and references for a long-term project he’s working on.

Alex just quoted some funny lines from Bill Bryson to us and we all had a chuckle. What is more companionable really, than sitting in a warm and comfy place with people you love, sharing the joys of reading? Write on!

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