Long Distance

One of the gifts the holidays bring me is the chance to catch up with some wonderful friends who are far away. We don’t stay in touch all that much, so it’s great to touch base and wish each other the best of everything in the coming year. Just recently, one friend called me and we had a long chat. We talked about my YA book and some of the new feedback I’ve received and my plans for moving forward.

Here’s what meant the most to me: My friend was so encouraging! She talked about how she enjoyed the early chapters that I had sent her and how she loved my little character. I told her about one young girl who’d read my book and had written me a beautiful note about it, which I turned into a pdf and sent out to some of the agents I contacted. My friend loved that idea and I promised to send her a copy. What a boost this gave me!

Just sharing my ups and downs — along with my determination to keep going — helped me see what a long way I’ve come since I started my story. It also made me realize how important it is to keep friends who are far away posted on my progress, so they can see how I’m doing and feel that they’re a part of my endeavor. So one of my resolutions this year is to do a better job of keeping my long-distance friends in the loop. Maybe I’ll send out a Book Bulletin via email — might not be a bad idea!

As we labor in the vineyards of our writing, I think it’s always wise to remember that giving our friends a chance to root for us and lift us up isn’t just a gift we give ourselves, it’s one we give them as well. Letting them know that their support matters and that it’s an important part of our writing life energizes them just as it does us. So let’s stay connected — and write on!

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